Features Overview
Inventory Consignment
Get your inventory closer to the consumer. With Stone Profit Systems your customers become part of your warehouse. Simply assign any of your customers as a consignment location, and transfer your inventory to them. The inventory remains your asset until it is sold to a consumer by that location.

This module keeps all of the consignment inventory very transparent to all your users. The consigned items are always available for sale when it is searched in the system.
There is also a powerful consignment analysis engine that reports the profitability and average shelf life of items at each consignment location.

The built in bar-code features allows your sales rep to scan the consigned items to determine what has been sold when they visit the consignment location.
Slab Sizes
Stone Profit Systems gives you the ability to track slab sizes after production, and for each sale. After production, your staff can measure and record the exact gross slab size. They can enter the width and length of each slab, and the area will calculate automatically.

In order to sell the slabs, at a size the customer will not object to, you can record the net sizes alongside the gross sizes. This allows you to meet the customer's needs, as well as keep track of each and every slab and its difference in size.
Slab Information
Stone Profit Systems stores detailed information for each and every slab/item that you produce or is in your inventory. Now it is easy to see your sales history, return history, costs, selling price, and much more. You can record notes and allowances; and store photos for individual slabs that have unique qualities or issues. Because the slabs are bar-coded in your warehouse the information you store in the system will always be paired with the right slab.
Alternate Names
In the Stone industry everyone has a different name for the same product or color, and your company might have a specific name in order to gain an edge on competitors. With Stone Profit Systems you can store and organizes all of the alternate names that you, and your customers use for one product.

When it is time to search through your Inventory, it is
possible to search by the name you use or the alternate name to get the same result.

When selling to customers who demand a specific name, Stone Profit Systems allows you to mark it as a "sold as" name on their Invoice in order to make the sale and keep your customer happy at the same time.
We have made it easy to calculate a selling price for every product you produce/sell. At each step of production Stone Profit Systems tracks the cost of consumables that are used per individual slab.

This allows you to know the cost of things such as, electricity, saw blades, grit, labor, and other consumables that are used in the production of a single slab. This can also be applied to production of other items such as tile. With the use of this tool you will have the information you need to make informed decisions about how much your items should sell for.
E-mail and Fax
Sending documents to customers and clients takes quite a bit of time out of the workday. Not to mention the cost of paper that is used in printing and faxing.

With Stone Profit Systems your company can save on both. The system allows you to email and fax all of you purchasing and sales documents straight from your computer. This includes notifications, terms and conditions, purchase orders, quotations, sale orders, invoices, and much more. You will be happy with the time and money you save, and your customers will be glad to do business with an up to date company that can email the documents they need in a quick and responsible manner.
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