Features Overview
Flexible and Effortless Integration
The setup process allows your business and Stone Profit Systems to merge to create a seamless business process. The flexibility offered by the system options is unmatched and can be a great asset in bringing your company to the next level.
System Parameters
Change various system parameters to match the system's operation with way you run your company. The system allows you to specify business processes, day to day language, currency, and more.
Dropdown Setup
Customize dropdown options in the system such as customer types, product types, categories, sales reps/employees, etc.
Setup units of measurement and picking units for each of your product lines. Also compose multiple currencies for all sale and purchase transactions.
Delivery Setup
Record delivery zones, routes, trucks, methods, and shipping carriers to set up the delivery module for easy delivery scheduling down the road.
Bin Locations
Keep you warehouse(s) in sync with your system. Enter your warehouse bin number locations, or
A-frame numbers to make it easy to locate merchandise.
Observe Marketing Patterns
How did you hear about us? Setup specific answers and questions so that you can evaluate which marketing strategies are reaching your customers.
Accounting Setup
Setup all your accounting properties including chart of accounts, payment terms, payment methods, etc.
Sales Tax Setup
Keep your sales tax organized by setting up the tax items, codes, and authorities. This will allow the system to calculate the sales tax effortlessly.
Letters and Communication
Communication with the people you do business with is essential. In this setup you can edit the text for letters such as: hold notifications, fabricator letters, and more.
Policies and legal Statements
Customize the disclaimers and statements on various documents such as: delivery orders, bills of lading, sale orders, transfer policies, return policies, etc.
Multiple Or One Location
Stone Profit Systems can be setup to manage multiple or one location. It's simple to track the progress of all your locations from one system.
Multiple Locations
We have built in the ability to manage and control multiple locations including: warehouses, showrooms, shops, factories, and more.
Parent Locations
Set a parent location for each customer to better manage the customer service and accounts receivables. A customer can also be set to be serviced by more than one location.
Create and manage inventory transfers from one location to another without a hassle.
Location Access
Users can be set to have access to the business transaction data of a specific location or all the locations.
User Security and Privileges
Not only is the system password protected for all your users, but it also offers internal security by limiting access to some users and granting permissions to others. This will help keep everyone on task and in the right place.
User Groups
Sort system users into user groups based on their access privileges and job description. Access can be restricted or granted to view information, edit information, and/or perform specific functionalities.
Setup and reset passwords for each user. Character requirements or count restrictions can also be setup.
Session Time
Track every user's login session time and the IP address of the computer from where the user logged on.
Access Rights
Allocate more than 200 user access privileges to view or make changes to various information throughout the system.
Customer Management
Customers come with a great deal of information that needs to be stored and accessible. With Stone Profit's customer management it's easy to access, edit, and add information for each and every customer.
Customer Types
Group customers based on their mode of operation: Fabricator, Homeowner, Designer, etc.
Prospective Customers
Manage a prospective customer database separately from active customers for marketing purposes.
Inactive Customers
Change customers' status from active to inactive if you no longer do business with them. This will keep older records while preventing new transactions.
Customer Notes
Maintain internal notes and common delivery instructions for each active customer.
Multiple Shipping Addresses
Enter and manage multiple shipping addresses for each customer.
Credit Limits
Set and manage credit limits for each customer. If a customer exceeds the limit the next transaction will not go through without additional approval.
Customer Attachments
Upload and manage documents such as contracts and tax forms for each customer.
Customer Locks
If customers have an overdue account or are difficult to do business with, they can be locked from future sale transactions.
Customer Alerts
Create alerts for customers with overdue accounts so sales personnel are alerted when entering customer transactions.
Tax IDs
Manage your customers' tax ID, tax exempt ID, and/or resale ID information.
Finance Charges
Ability to apply finance charges to overdue accounts.
PO Numbers
Mandate purchase order requirements for specific customers.
Hold Summary
Print a report that shows the materials on hold per customer. This will allow you to analyze each customer’s holds to sales ratio.
Product Management
Stone Profit Systems allows you to manage and catalog an itemized list of all the products that you offer. Keep track of images, countries of origin, colors, alternate names, and more.
Product Search
Search products by product name, SKU/product code, alternate name, color of material, country of origin, product group, etc.
Catalogue Product Pictures
Store multiple pictures for each item in your product list. The images can be generic color pictures as well as installed examples.
Alternate Names
Enter all alternate names for each products. The product search will allow you to search by the product's name and all of its alternates.
Base Colors & Country of origin
To create a detailed library of product specify the colors of each product, as well as the country of origin.
Reorder Levels
Manage safety stock levels and reorder quantities by number of slabs and by square footage/units of measure of the product. Never be short of a popular item again.
Size and Weight
Manage information on the size and weight for each unit.
Picking Units
Define specific picking units e.g., Number of Tile per box or sqft per Box.
Price levels
Define up to 6 selling price levels for each product.
Customer Specific Special Pricing
Each customer can be given an exact price for every product which overrides the default price level.
Preferred Supplier
Define a preferred supplier for this product.
Accounting Defaults
From the chart of accounts, assign the default accounts affected during various transactions on the product.
Supplier Pricing
Manage the supplier pricing for each product where the FOB prices and landed costs per supplier are defined.
Product Attachments
Upload and manage attachments per product such as material specification sheets.
Inventory Management
Stone Profit Systems, unlike any other inventory management system, tracks information at the slab/item level. You can store the size/square foot and take note of allowances for each slab in your warehouse; granting exact adjusted prices automatically.
Inventory Search
Search inventory by product name, SKU/product code, alternate name, lot number, supplier reference, bundle number, bar-code ID, etc.
Bin Number Search
Search products based on the bin number or the A-frame number that corresponds with the location in the warehouse.
Selections for Transactions
Select and group inventory in a virtual cart for various transactions such as update bin numbers, sale orders, holds, quotes, transfers, etc.
Inventory Reconciliation
Reconcile inventory by using the bar-code module for automatic cycle counting.
Inventory Adjustments
Adjust inventory for broken, sold, or unwanted slabs or products. You can write off, revalue, reclassify, or split inventory.
Our inventory management combined with bar-code labels and scanners, can make the daunting task of managing a warehouse full individually unique products almost effortless.
Real Time Scan
Using the bar-code module, or a Bluetooth scanner paired with a tablet you can scan the inventory bar-codes and create any transaction or perform reconciliation live.
Batch Scan
A great tool for inventory reconciliation, a batch scanner will allow you to scan all of the slabs/products at once, and process them in the system by uploading the scans from the scanner to a computer when finished scanning.
Bar-code Symboligies
Works with various barcode Symbologies such as Code39, Code 39 Extended, Code 128, etc.
Bar-code Labels
Label formats can be setup for different product types, and the information shown on each label can be customized.
Cycle Counts
Perform cycle counts by bin number or product. Our cycle count tool can make the the periodic checks easier.
Inventory Reconciliation
Inventory reconciliation sessions can be made so all the inventory can be scanned by multiple bar-code scanning teams allowing them to combine their work and resulting in a report of missing products/slabs.
Keep track of specific selections made by your customers and homeowners by creating product holds. When a product is placed on hold, the system records who the hold is for, the date it is created, the date it expires, and the exact slab(s) the customer might want.
Reference Information
With each hold you can store information regarding the homeowner, architect, interior designer etc. Reference information refers to the parties whom have a say in the selection, but are not paying your business directly. Once entered as a reference you can send notifications without prices to them.
Hold Information Letter
Send a hold letter to the paying account customer (typically the fabricator) informing him on the material put on hold for his homeowner with an expiry date and your hold policy.
Homeowner Information Letter
Send a separate hold letter to the non-paying reference (typically the homeowner) without the price of the material on hold.
Expiry Letters
Send out separate hold expiry letters to your customer and homeowner informing them that the hold will soon or has expired.
Hold Summary Letter
Send a report to your customer that lists all the holds posted by them and their various customers.
Holds Archive
All holds that are deleted from the system or made into sales are archived so the past information is available for reports and analysis.
Sale Orders
Create sale orders to track orders made by your customers. Specify the customer's exact information and attach products and inventory to the order. Directly create a sale if you have the inventory, or create a PO from the sale order that will insure the right product is ordered.
Fulfillment Quantity
As sales orders are made the system automatically calculates the quantity you need to order/reorder, if any, to fulfill the sale order.
Print Various SO Documents
Each sale order generates various customizable documents that can be printed, emailed, or faxed directly from the system.
Receive Deposits
Receive a deposit on a hold or sale order from the customer as an advance or commitment to the product.
Special Orders
While creating a sale order you have the ability to process non-inventory special orders where the product is ordered only after receiving an order from the customer.
Handling Deliveries
As a sale is made you can arrange for the material to be picked up or delivered. We have made it easy to schedule, load, and route your delivery trucks. With Stone Profit Systems you can know exactly how much a truck can hold, what is loaded, and where each truck is going.
Delivery Statuses
Know which orders are ready for delivery, in transit, or delivered. The delivery statuses are clearly marked in the system.
Delivery Calendar
Plan and view all the deliveries in the area. With a click you can easily access details for each delivery.
Delivery Routes
With the use of deliver zones it is easy to map out multiple deliveries to various customers. After selecting the deliveries that will go out on a truck the system will map out the best route for your driver to take, and produce a packing list that shows the products in the order they should be loaded.
Delivery Signature Module
Collect signatures for each approved delivery in an easy to use tablet (iPad) friendly module.
Sold as Name
When selling to customers who demand a specific name, Stone Profit Systems allows you to mark it as a "sold as" name on their Invoice in order to make the sale and keep your customer happy at the same time.
Delivery Documents
With each delivery the system generates worksheets and documents such as: pick tickets, packing slips, delivery worksheets, etc.
Keep your warehouse in stock with the products you need. Stone Profit Systems generates reports to let you know what you need and how much! It remembers past orders and the best supplier prices so you don't have to.
Purchase Orders
Create purchase orders in reference to bundles as well as square footage. You also have the ability to generate multiple supplier invoices/packing lists from one PO, and attach various documents for record keeping.
Purchase Packing List
Enter supplier packing list information such as: material included, number of slabs, lot numbers, bundle numbers, and slab sizes.
Lot Specific Information
Record lot specific information including supplier reference, lot number, block number, bundle number, allowance, and slab notes, etc. to keep your slabs organized by color and patterns.
Bar-Code Printing
Print bar-codes for all the material in a container, and attach the bar-codes to the slabs as you receive them into your inventory.
Stone Profit Systems has its own accounting module, making it easy on everyone by having everything in one place. Manage both accounts receivable and payable, along with your general ledger and financial statements. We have the tools to keep you on top of your finances.
General Ledger
Double entry general ledger system accounting defaults can be setup for various journals made during transactions.
Accounts Receivable Management
View AR detail reports, AR summary, and AR flowchart showing all the different steps of the AR cycle from selections to holds/SOs to deliveries to invoices.
Accounts Payable Management
View AP detail reports, AP summary and AP flowchart showing all the different steps of the AP cycle from POs to inventory receipts to receiving inventory to inventory transactions.
General Journal Entries
Enter journal entries by selecting accounts from your chart of accounts and specifying the debits and credits. This tool will help you stay up to date in your general journal.
Reverse Entries and Periodic Journals
Ability to reverse a previously entered journal entry as well as periodic journals where a duplicate journal entry is made.
Non Inventory Vendor Management
Manage your non-inventory vendors, entry of utility/vendor bills, and payment of those bills.
Customer Payments and Deposits
Have the ability to manage deposits and payments received from customers and to split payments for the customer to pay in increments.
Payments & Checks
Make payments to inventory suppliers, non-inventory vendors, and customers; also apply payments to inventory purchases, bills and customer credit memos. The system can print checks in various check formats.
Bank Reconciliation
Make sure the system is in sync with your bank statements by selecting the cleared payments with the bank reconciliation tools.
Reports and Analysis
Get specific information about your company that you need in seconds. Stone Profit Systems generates numerous reports that can help you in making informed decisions about your day to day activities.
Customer Reports
View sales reports, customer profitability reports, top customers by sales value, export a customer list to excel, batch print customer statements, etc.
Inventory Reports
Inventory valuation report, inventory aging analysis report, fast moving products, reorder quantity reports, etc.
Accounting Reports
Accounts receivable reports, accounts payable reports, bank reconciliation reports, GL trail balance, sales tax reports, etc.
Purchasing Reports
Purchases in transit, purchase history, accrued freight variance, etc.
Financial Statements
Balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statements, etc.
Sales Reports
Sales by sales rep. report, sales summary report, sales profitability report, sales commission report, etc.
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